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Learning How To Play The Cello Online

If you have always been a lover of music, and have been considering taking up an instrument during your free time, the cello may be the perfect instrument for you. Though it is a bit challenging, it is quite fulfilling to play, and with it, you can play different types of music—from classical pieces to the more contemporary pieces. When learning how to play the cello, it is important to get the basics right from the beginning. If you learn the wrong techniques, it will be almost impossible to unlearn them and get the right techniques. Therefore, it is important to enroll for lessons with a good program that is known to have qualified instructors who provide high-quality lessons. Having an instructor come to teach you at home or at a music center can be quite costly. But thanks to the internet, you now have the option of taking cello lessons online. These lessons are usually much cheaper, and you can even get cello lessons online for free.

Free cello lessons online

There are many sites offering cello lessons online, and choosing one can be quite a daunting task. Some of the factors you need to consider when making this decisions are the reputation of the site and the cost of taking the lessons. If you have a busy schedule but you would still like to learn how to play the cello, you can never go wrong with Online Cello Lessons – Trap Muzik will help you learn how to play the cello online with free lessons. The site is known for the excellent tutoring it provides to its students. It caters for learners of all ages and all skill levels. So whether you are a beginner or you already know the basics and just need some help moving to the next level, Trap Muzik can help you out. The lessons are also good for learners who are preparing to take cello exams.

Learn At Your Own Convenience

The best thing about online cello lessons is that you can take them from the comfort of your home or wherever else you prefer to take them from. Additionally, you can schedule your lessons to your convenience and learn at a pace you are comfortable with. Since all the material is online, you can take one lesson over and over until you feel confident that you have grasped the concept and can move on to the next lesson.You will also get to choose an instructor whose teaching style appeals to you.

All you need to start taking online cello lessons is a computer and a good internet connection. You will also need a good cello, which you can either buy or rent. It may be a better idea to save up and buy your own before you start taking lessons as this is cheaper in the long run, and you will always have it whenever you need to practice at your own time. This is important since you will need to practice consistently to become a good cellist.

Trap Muzik provides lessons on everything from how to check whether your cello is in tune and how to tune it, to how to hold the cello while playing. You will also learn how to clean the strings and rosin the bow for the best timbre. The site provides lessons on how to play the different scales on the cello and how to read music written for the cello as well. These are the basics of playing any instrument, and if you get these right from the beginning, you will have an easy time learning how to play.


Trap Muzik has excellent reviews by people who have taken online cello lessons from the site. The program is accredited so you can be sure that the instructors are qualified and the techniques they use to teach are tested and proven to work. The website is also user-friendly and supports animations, GIFs, and Flash videos among other media. You can chat with the instructors if you have any questions or contact customer support if there is anything you need clarification on. Take advantage of the free cello lessons offered by Trap Muzik, and become the great cellist you have always dreamed of becoming.

A Topic On How To Play The Guitar

Many people have a passion for playing the guitar but are put off by the costs of paying an instructor. As a result, people have opted to engage in online guitar lessons since they are cost effective and convenient, as well. Many are the times when people fail to experience fast progress because of missing vital steps in the learning process. With the tips discussed below, you will certainly understand how to approach the topic of how to play the guitar – start playing the guitar and take online lessons –

Tune your mindset

Your mindset determines the pace at which you will acquire the skill of playing. If beginning with a negative mentality of how hard it is to play, then the classes begin on the wrong note. Whether you are taking the classes with an instructor or online, you have to focus on positive thoughts. Believe you can do it. After all, there is no reason as to why you cannot do it while others are doing so well.

Take it slow

It takes time and patience to learn the guitar online. It requires more than just understanding the first few concepts. Hence, do not be quick to move to the advanced lessons. If you rush, you end up getting overwhelmed. This way, you may become demoralized. Take enough time for your muscles memory to adapt to the movements.

Comfort is a key element

Comfort is of the essence as you learn to play the guitar. You also need to invest in a guitar that meets your needs. Let it be the correct size. Hence, it should be neither too big nor too small. Other features that contribute to your comfort are the strings and straps. Once you have the ideal instrument, you will not lose focus. Another important thing is gaining a position that makes you feel comfortable. Overlook what others have to say about your posture as long as you feel okay. After all, the length of one’s arms and fingers are the main factors that contribute to one’s posture.

Do not rush to playing songs

Most players start the lessons with the aim of playing songs. However, one has to learn the basics first before getting to that level of songs. Failure to do so will harm you eventually. For instance, you need to learn how to play the C major chord 16 times at 60bpm.

Search for an ideal site

The web has a lot to offer. Service providers also take advantage of it to promote their businesses. As a result, it sometimes becomes tricky to decide on the best service provider to hire. The same case applies to guitar lessons. You will come across a wide range of websites that offer similar services. While some are free, others will require you to pay a fee. The most important point is ensuring that you do not get tired of searching for the information you need. If you do not get it from one site, search for it from another source.

Benefits of online guitar lessons

There are several merits of taking up online guitar lessons. For instance, you have the freedom to come up with your timetable. This means you engage yourself in the lessons when you feel like it. However, this calls for a lot of discipline if you want to achieve your goals. At the same time, the fact that you do not have to commute to a physical class means that you save time. In addition, online classes are always cheaper. You are also free to join platforms where other guitarists discussing their journey in the learning process. This way, guitar players encourage and help each other to get through the obstacles they face during the learning process.

Lack of distraction

In a classroom setup, there are chances of being interrupted friends. However, with online classes, you can always lock yourself in a room and experience the peace you require. Given that you are alone, you also get the concept faster as there are no other players to interrupt you with their tunes in between.


Having read about the common mistakes people make, you are now in a position to begin your lessons on the right foot. By avoiding the discussed hitches, you will progress faster and enjoy your online learning experience.

10 Tips For Becoming A Better Singer

1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Then, practice some more.

While the first tip on our list is just good old fashioned common sense, you would be surprised at how many vocalists do not do it. Even those with a perfect singing voice got to where they are now by practicing to perfect their craft. When you practice, you gain vocal range and experience that you cannot get from any book no matter how long it mat be. When you practice you may never go platinum but you will most certainly improve a lot!

2. Record yourself singing A Capella.

It is extremely scary at first. You are either about to wow yourself or wonder why the heck you recorded yourself.


Listening to yourself sing on tape can be a sobering experience, but take into account that most people do not like to hear themselves speak – much less hear themselves sing. Knowing this can help you to listen to your voice with a kind criticism and not with a self-loathing one. Recording yourself is a vital step to understanding what works… and what needs it.


3. Always warm up your voice.

Your voice is much like a muscle before a workout. If you “stretch” it beforehand, it will work better. Not only will it work better but it will sound better too. From the tone of your voice to the pitch and everything in between, you will hit those high notes with greater ease when you make sure to warm up first.


4. Never strain through a cold or a sore throat.

When you push through a scratchy or a sore throat, you run the risk of losing your voice until you are healed. Straining also creates a longer healing time when, if you would have just rested your voice, it would have gotten better days ago.


5. Take singing lessons.

Many people do not realize that you are not stuck with the voice that you were born with. Almost every professional takes lessons to get better at their craft. Even Whitney Houston took singing lessons although she was careful who she took them from. This goes to show that the teacher you use matters. In a nutshell, Sherwood Music – learn how to sing – Improve your singing with online lessons.

6. Run octaves.

Running octaves can help not only to warm up your voice but also to help you to stay on key. When you are singing off key, you might not notice at first, but record your octave singing with an in-tune piano and you will notice right away if you are off when you play it back.

You do not need vast piano experience to play octaves. You can learn to play them in just a few weeks. This is especially true if you use a beginner’s book which tells you what the notes are on the sheet music and where the keys are. When learning, use labels to help make playing easier… Just be sure that they will come off when you are done. This can ruin your piano keys.


7. Do voice exercises.

Actors say funny words to exercise their voices. Singers sing those funny words instead. From “Bi-bi-bo-bicky-bi-bo” to other equally silly sounding words, voice exercises improve your enunciation and help you warm up at the same time.


8. Squeeze your glutes to hit high notes.

You are probably thinking…Did this guy just tell me to squeeze my butt? It sounds silly but it really works. When you reach a high note squeeze your glutes. Opera singers are known to too. It helps to prevent any “cracking” of the notes. (We could make a terrible pun here but we will try to contain ourselves.)


9. Imagine your voice going out through the top of your head.

Another weird statement… but another trick of the opera. When you are singing, especially on higher notes, imagine that you are pushing your voice out through the top of your head. It changes the quality of the sound of your voice because you subconsciously move your mouth differently.


10. Pretend you have a hot potato in your mouth.

We know, we know… more weirdness – but it works. Pretending to hold a potato in your mouth, rounds it and makes the sound coming out sound more pure.

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